If you like my successes, wait until you see my failures

The other night as I was having dinner with friends, my wife spilled the beans that a new short story of mine had been accepted for publication. Everybody congratulated me and seemed to think I’m experiencing some whiz-bang success as an author. What they don’t see, however, is the months of rejection letters upon which this single acceptance sits. It is essential, I feel, for us to tell the stories of the minefield of frustration that surrounds those moments of victory. With that in mind, let me share my rejection rates for each of my published works.

Is there more to business than profit maximization?

Profit maximization, the idea that you should strive to get as much benefit as you can out of the time and money you put into a commercial endeavor, has been a mainstay of our business paradigm for generations. It’s easy to see why. What sane person would want anything less than the maximum benefit they can get for their efforts?

Values, rationality, and power–Book announcement

Keep your eyes peeled in October 2019. Emerald Publishing is releasing my first non-fiction book, Values, Rationality, and Power: Developing Organizational Wisdom as part of its Critical Management Series. This book summarizes years of research in the Canadian healthcare system into how individuals manage the confluence of values, rationality, and power to drive wise organizational... Continue Reading →

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