My early work

We all start somewhere. I started with a self-published trilogy. My skills as a writer have improved since these early novels, and there has been a definite shift in the themes I explore. For those reasons, I organize them separately from my current work. Still, this trilogy is a fun, light-hearted romp, a bit of space opera, a bit of military science fiction. The characters were a blast to write. 

Book 1, Hammer of Amahté – For centuries after the first seedships spawned human civilizations on countless planets, three worlds – the Triumvirate – reigned supreme.  But now the Triumvirate stands on the brink of collapse after a brutal decades-long war.  As empires crumble, a small group of people make a discovery that could alter the course of the war and forever change humanity.

Hammer of Amahté, the first volume of the Triumvirate Trilogy, introduces a richly imagined universe on the cusp of change and shows the personal struggles of men and women trying to keep afloat as tides of history wash away all they have known.

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Book 2, In the Ravager’s Shadow – The Holy Nephretian Empire rises. Armed with powerful new weapons from Ullrion and manipulated by the mysterious dagomir N’ark from Earth, the Nephretian empire now has the power to crush all who stand before them.

In a desperate attempt to stave off a Nephretian victory, Captain Taura and Silmion must make a dangerous trip behind enemy lines on the occupied planet of Ullrion to find a defence against one of the most deadly weapons ever created – the deoir solest. Meanwhile on Earth, Marco, Victor, Kaeso and Ariadne must make a harrowing journey to the Ravager’s Land to find a way to break N’ark’s sway over the Nephretian Empire.

In the Ravager’s Shadow, the second volume of the Triumvirate Trilogy continues the tale of a richly imagined universe teetering on the edge of collapse.

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Book 3, The Light the World Needs – As the universe teeters on the edge of collapse, a power from ancient Earth, Dagomir N’ark, has been masquerading as the god of the Holy Nephretian Empire, spurring the empire to wanton acts of destruction.

Marco and Victor are part of an invading force of Kalbarians and Alathians attacking the homeworld of the Holy Nephretian Empire. Their goal is to make it to the Nephretian First Temple where Marco will activate a device to destroy the avatar of Dagomir N’ark. Meanwhile, the planet of Ullrion suffers under the boot of the Holy Nephretian Empire. Rear Admiral Taura leads a fleet against the Nephretian occupiers while Silmion struggles in the city of Selfariene to undermine the Nephretian occupying forces. Finally, Ariadne and Seir T’pan, with the help of Kie, a mad strandwalker, break into the palace of Dagomir N’ark to strike at his heart.

The third and final book of the Triumvirate Trilogy, The Light the World Needs offers a conclusion to the future of the human race.

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