Coming May 2019

For years, Kredo has been the most celebrated falchilo, a holy warrior defending the lost interstellar colony of Duatero from the invasive native plants and infections threatening its survival. But now, crops fail and an ancient disease strikes, corrupting those infected and turning them against their own people. The colony looks to Kredo for answers, but he has none. 

He forms a team of falchilo, including Esperanta, a brilliant young woman new to the falchilo order, and they set out to uncover the source of whatever is attacking their home. Their hunt takes them to ruins of lost cities, isolated mountain capitals, and beyond the border of their lands into untamed alien forests. As fear and madness grip the colony, Esperanta breaks the falchilo code that has kept Duatero safe for thousands of years in an attempt to find new ways to counter this threat. While Kredo’s team struggles to adapt to whatever is attacking their home, he must decide if Esperanta’s ideas are the key to saving Duatero, or whether they are a sign she has been corrupted by the enemy and is leading the colony to its destruction.

A far future novel, Duatero chronicles the struggle of a forgotten human colony to survive on a hostile planet and deals in themes of obsession, rebellion and redemption.

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