Short stories

Sisyphean Gambit

Do you know someone who has a job that sucks? Sure you do. But do you know whose job really sucks? Monsters. They got it bad. My upcoming short story, “The Sisyphean Gambit,” is a dark-humoured tale about a monster-under-the-bed who hates its job.

Prairie Fire Magazine published “The Sisyphean Gambit” in April 2019.

Naive Gods

Longlisted for a 2017 SunburstAward for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, “Naive Gods” appeared in the anthology, Lazarus Risen, published by Bundoran Press. Technology has banished death. For Daniel, this is a curse. He is a first generation immortal. Born in the age before immortality, he has known loss. His friends and family have all died. Now, he lives in a world where no one understands what it means to grieve, and his body keeps marching forward through time while his heart remains trapped in the past.

Future Mating Habits of the Urban-Bound Vampire

What’s a vampire to do? In the late 21st Century, humanity has cured ageing, undercutting the key selling feature of vampirism–immortality. How’s a vampire couple supposed to start a coven of their own when humans have made themselves ageless? This fun romp appeared in the inaugural issue on local mythology in Strange Ways Magazine.

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