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   Naive Gods   

Longlisted for a 2017 SunburstAward for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, “Naive Gods” appeared in the anthology, Lazarus Risen, published by Bundoran Press. Technology has banished death. For Daniel, this is a curse. He is a first generation immortal. Born in the age before immortality, he has known loss. His friends and family have all died. Now, he lives in a world where no one understands what it means to grieve, and his body keeps marching forward through time while his heart remains trapped in the past.

What’s a vampire to do? In the late 21st Century, humanity has cured ageing, undercutting the key selling feature of vampirism–immortality. How’s a vampire couple supposed to start a coven of their own when humans have made themselves ageless? This fun romp appeared in the inaugural issue on local mythology in Strange Ways Magazine.

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