In the Ravager’s Shadow

Triumvirate Trilogy Book 2

Armed with powerful new weapons from Ullrion and manipulated by the mysterious dagomir N’ark from Earth, the Nephretian empire now has the power to crush all who stand before them.

In a desperate attempt to stave off Nephretian victory, Captain Taura and Silmion must make a dangerous trip behind enemy lines on the occupied planet of Ullrion to find a defense against one of the most deadly weapons ever created – the deoir solest. Meanwhile on Earth, Marco, Victor, Kaeso and Ariadne must make a harrowing journey to the Ravager’s Land to find a way to break N’ark’s sway over the Nephretian Empire.

“In the Ravager’s Shadow”, second volume of the Triumvirate Trilogy, continues the tale of a richly imagined universe teetering on the edge of collapse.

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