Science Fiction versus Cancer

This May I’m donating all royalties from the sale of my book to cancer research. Here’s why.

Recently I reconnected with an old friend of mine from way back, Ben Morgan, who is now a founding partner of Both Sides Media. As I was catching up with him, he relayed several events that hit me in the heart strings. Chandra, his wife, had died after an eleven year battle with breast cancer.

And the story gets sadder, still. The dog they brought into their home as a wedding gift to themselves also passed away from liver cancer, and his father had recently been treated for prostate cancer.

Here’s a video he’s made for a fundraiser about it that you can watch if you’re looking for a good cry (if the link below is broken, click here).

That’s the kind of thing that makes me wish that cancer was a guy so I could kick him in the balls and scream “Leave him alone already!”

Well, I can’t do that, but what I can do is this. In June Ben will raise money for cancer research through the Father’s Day Walk/Run.  To help him out, I’m going to donate all the royalties I earn from book sales in May 2012 to this cause.

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EDIT JUNE 2, 2012 – Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success – that includes you who bought a copy of my book, those who helped spread the word, those who sent kind words of encouragement (and heck, even those who simply sent nasty thoughts cancer’s way).

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  1. I bet cancer is happy that he not a ‘guy’ who is going to get kicked in the balls. But good for you with this Brad. It is a much more positive (and realistic) way of doing something for the cause

  2. Bravo. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last January and I have been as beside her as I can get — considering i live in a different state. May all who have cancer continue to fight and may all who can help give what they can.

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